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Snacks London is a unisex London based clothing brand, founded in 2016 in an attic in Shoreditch. Of course it was...

The brand was created out of necessity. As a freelance (and often struggling) creative, the founder needed a business "on the go" alongside their main dwindling and sporadic income; one that could ONLY promote JOY, and one that could "keep them going". 

SNACKS was born.

On making the first sweater as a passion project, the creator was accosted in the streets 5 times on their initial outing. From the original sweater, Snacks London immediately gained orders from conception.  

Snacks London is a baggy comforting "one size fits all" aesthetic. Snacks London is for your chill days. Your days of zero fucks.

If you receive your Snacks and it is "too big" - you've totally missed the boat.

Relax. Have Snacks. Recharge your energy to execute your creative entrepreneurial pursuits.